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Anti-Malaria Training for officials of ministry of commerce

Date:2/12/2012 02:53 PM

On the afternoon of 8th February 2012, Jiao Yan, vice president, Yuan Shaojun, district manager of Western Africa( French-speaking countries), Qiao Quan, marketing manager, attended the 1st anti-malaria seminar organized by ministry of commerce. The leader and more than ten staff from economic counselor's office who would head to African and East-Asia countries were trained about the knowledge of anti-malaria and Duo-Cotecxin by Yuan Shaojun. Jiao Yan provided Duo-Cotecxin samples to those working staff before both sides conducted in-depth and mutual communications. This seminar acquired unanimous favorable comments from the attendant, established good foundations between Holley-Cotec and officials in African and East-Asian countries.

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