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Duo-Cotecxin Acquired WHO GMP certification

Date:3/30/2012 01:41 PM

Oral preparation production line of Zhejiang Holley-Nanhu Pharmaceutical (hereinafter referred to as Holley-Nanhu), subsidiary of Holley-Cotec (originally was known as Holley-Cotec), has passed on-spot examination organized by WHO on 16th, March, 2012, which means its products meet the standards of WHO quality management and makes Holley-Nanhu the 2nd qualified factory owning WHO GMP certification in China.

Holley-Nanhu finally makes the breakthrough through 5 years reajustment and reform and with the help of relevant department, Holley group and experts from other enterprises since the beginning Holley-Nanhu submitted the application for PQ certification.
The WHO GMP certification means quality management system driven by PQ certification application has achieved all-around promotion, oral preparation production line has reached international standard and factory’s software and hardware have reached domestic advanced level. The PQ project has trained many talented people in different field, provided rich human resources reserve, and serves as a milestone before Duo-Cotecxin finally being authorized with PQ certification. Owning GMP certification, Duo-Cotecxin can participate in the bidding of global public sector such as ERP from Global Fund, which could greatly promote the sales of Duo-Cotecxin. Taking this as foundation, many international cooperation businesses could be explored and company’s potential could be evacuated. GMP certification also greatly improved the image and market position of Holley-Nanhu. (On 20th February 2012, Beijing Holley-Cotec pharmaceutical changed its name to Beijing HolleyCotec pharmaceutical


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