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Holley-Cotec Attended the Artemisinin Industry Conference hosted by Bill Gates

Date:6/3/2013 02:52 PM

The vice-president of Holley-Cotec Mr. Liu Yongyuan and representatives of other Chinese artemisinin API enterprises were invited by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Beijing to attend the Artemisinin Industry Conference on May 29th,2012.

In order to manage a stable price and sustainable supply, WHO and Global Fund, the main funding organizations on international artemisinin supply chain hosted this meeting. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the main partners of WHO on Malaria treatment project. In the seminar, Bill Gates learnt the situation of Chinese artemisinin production and farmland, and how the entire supply chain has been operated.

Mr. Liu Yongyuan said that artemisinin APIs price is supposed to correspond to market demand. However, the current price is still the buyer’s price. Considering international organizations’ purchase limits, rising manufacturer costs and Artemisia hay prices, formulation producers need to give up some profit to API suppliers to ensure sustainable development. Beijing Holley-Cotec will do everything we can to stabilize artemisinin market price and supply to anti-malarial manufacturers. 

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