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        In order to persisting on quality, more efficient and safer medicines, Holley-Cotec participated into multinational research projects with renowned tropical study units.

        1. Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit (MORU): Holley-Cotec established strategic partnership with MORU since 2001. Both parties have been conducting malaria clinical trials in the most risky tropical countries such as Africa and South-East Asia. With more than 4000 cases participated which indicates consistent efficacy and effectiveness of Duo-cotecxin in order to prove the drug remains the lowest treatment failure across different human races.

        2. The World Health Organization: Holley-Cotec has been targeting the vision of “provide the best quality and effective pharmaceuticals to international market”. We cooperate with WHO for prequalification assessment, which requires comprehensive upgrades on quality assurance management in the factory. Both formulation and API plants were issued WHO GMP via these improvements. Holley-Cotec is willing to supply the best anti-malarial drugs to a broader international community.

        3. National Tropical Disease Control and Research Organizations:Holley-Cotec registered the products in 39 countries worldwide. We’ve been cooperating with national tropical disease control authorities including NGOs, universities, government offices under ministry of health, research units in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar etc. The main purposes for those projects are to assist on local treatment policy establishment, conduct efficacy and effectiveness clinical studies, inventive trials such as Intermittent Preventative Therapies.





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